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Garuda Indonesia is the national airline of the Republic of Indonesia and is currently one hundred per cent owned by the Indonesian Government. The Airline and its subsidiaries operate over 100 aircraft, carry over 10 million passengers a year and employ upwards of 25,000 people. Garuda itself operates 55 aircraft, many the latest models available, carries almost six million passengers a year and employs almost 15,000 people.

Garuda Indonesia has played a vital role in this success story and still regards itself as an agent of development. The airline is fully committed to helping Indonesia achieve “Tinggal Landas” or take-off point in its drive towards First-World status. Specially, Garuda is actively supporting the Indonesian government’s policy of lessening reliance on oil revenues by the promotion and development of tourism and export air freight.

Garuda has long been a driving force behind the remarkable development of tourism in Indonesia; providing access from major overseas markets to all parts of the archipelago; simulating travel through vigorous promotion; and pioneering development of tourist facilities, through its sister company, Aerowisata, throughout the country.

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