Air Travel
We work with all the major airlines traveling into Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. There are over 30 international airlines flying into Indonesia.

Domestic Travel
Once you arrive in Indonesia, local air transportation is provided by Garuda Indonesia. Flying from island to island is also possible in many instances and is both fast and comfortable.

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Ground Transportation
Traveling around the cities, villages and rural areas of Indonesia will be an adventure you'll not soon forget. Getting around is half the fun in Indonesia with each region offering something a little different. You'll find a range of chauffeur-driven limousines, self-drive cars, taxis and hotel courtesy cars.

For the first-time visitor, it is recommended that you do not attempt to drive your own car. The driving and traffic in the most commonly visited areas is not for amateurs and you'll be much safer and more comfortable if you hire a taxi or a tour guide who speaks English. The cost of both is very low and we can arrange guides for longer trips for you through our local office in Bali. If you do wish to rent a car you must be over 18 years of age and possess an international drivers license or license for ASEAN countries.

In most areas taxis are most common, but not all taxis are metered so it's wise to negotiate the fare before you climb aboard or insist on a taxi with a meter and a working radio in the event of car trouble. If the taxi has a meter insist the driver use it rather than agreeing on a price before the trip (it will most likely be much less expensive).

Bemos are a unique form of transport and are synonymous with Indonesia. They're a mini-van masquerading as a communal bus. You simply hail the driver and negotiate the fare that suits you both. In some areas, such as on Lombok you'll want to take a ride in the local horse and carriage

Motorcycles can also be rented in many places but special care should be exercised at all times as road and traffic conditions can be somewhat hazardous. Trains and tourist buses range from basic to luxurious and with careful planning, remote and exciting regions can be reached this way. The bajaj, a covered three wheel scooter is also a handy way of traveling around some parts of Jakarta. And you'll still find man-powered trishaws throughout Indonesia.

Ferries and charter boats ply between islands. When the terrain becomes too rugged, river transport takes over. Traveling around Indonesia is made all the easier because everywhere you go you'll find friendly people only too happy to give you advice and directions on how to get where you want to go.

Local Transfers
Depending upon the adventure packages you choose, arrangements for local transfers will vary. Please ask us about the local transfer arrangements for your package.

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